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Date: 12.17.12
Author: Victor Nelson
Title: Goofy vs Regular

Sunday December 16th, 2012 the weather couldn’t be more perfect in December, a crisp 65 degrees with the sun shining. The gates flew open and rippers young and old; goofy and regular started to pile in. The stage was set for the 2012 Goofy vs. Regular showdown. With the Red Bull MXT deployed and D-Trik on deck supplying the vibes through the powerful sound system, all were ready for another stellar contest. Qualifying drew a line down the middle. Skaters from all over were now competing against their friends to take place in representing their respective stances in the finals. When the smoke cleared the top 5 from each stance moved on to a final 15-minute jam where each team would take over the course and put on one of the most amazing jam sessions I have witnessed here at the park thus far.

1. Cory Hale 1. Devvon Newman
2. Gauge Doisher 2. Alex Simeone
3. Jordi Lopez 3. Jonathan Pfarrer
4. Wade Mullendore 4. Isaiah Hightower
5. Daniel Pitts 5. Joey Dillon

Both teams had a very balanced line up, a good mix of street techs and transition dogs. At the start of the clock Team Regular came flying out the gate with guns a- blazing. At the end of the 15 minutes spectators were left in awe as Cory Hale dished out one final banger, throwing a spine tingling frontside 360 from the big bank to flat into the mini ramp. The judges were sold, but not before Team Goofy took on the course. It was the combined effort of all the goofy footers that prevailed. Alex Simeone dominated the park - clearing over entire obstacles and taking lines throughout the course that have never been touched before. Devvon Newman and Isaiah “Z” Hightower come in hot with crucial support, flipping in and out of almost everything they locked into.

Team Goofy
  • 1. Alex Simeone
  • 2. Devvon Newman
  • 3. Isaiah “Z” Hightower

  • Team Regular MVP - Cory Hale

At the end of the day good times were had and props given to all who ripped. I am stoked for the Goofy footers, they deserved the win, but next year Team Reg will be back with a score to settle! -VN


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